In recent times, there has been a considerable rise in demand for software development outsourcing. As per statistics, Eastern European countries have become the most sought-after places for western countries to outsource software development from. Whenever it is a matter of western countries facing a crisis in finding IT professionals, Eastern European countries have come to their rescue with procurement outsourcing. This shortage has naturally led western countries to look for alternatives to secure skilled talent in the field of IT. It has been seen that Eastern European countries have come forward with IT outsourcing to fill in these empty shoes.

In today’s market, Eastern European countries like Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Romania have found a foot in outsourcing with their skilled IT professionals. With an average number of 2000 software companies operating in the Eastern European countries, this region has certainly made a name in matters of finding skilled IT talent required by the western countries.

The following are some of the reasons why Eastern Europe procurement is on the rise: 

Excellent technical knowledge – Eastern European regions always offer a strong education base so that their IT industry can thrive. At an early age, students start gaining knowledge in fields of science, math and languages so that they can move on to software-related subjects later on in life. As this region boasts of having a literacy rate of almost 98%, you can very well understand how well-educated their IT developers will be.

Convenient time zone and location – There is almost a negligible difference in time zone between the Eastern and the Western European countries. This means that the IT vendors can visit their clients without spending too much time traveling. Countries in the US see a difference of 8 hours in the time zone, which is not that much of a problem for both companies to work with one another in real-time.

Ample talent – Eastern European countries have more than 1 million IT professionals suitable for procurement outsourcing. In Romania, Ukraine and Poland, one would find around 6000 skilled IT developers. All these developers are extremely talented and are skilled with diverse ranges of talent. Be it a matter of Python, Java or Ruby, you are sure to find a solution from these developers. The abundance of talent will lead to lower costs and thus your business will gain a share of the profit.

Several organizations around the world have reached out to Eastern European countries in recent times. Apart from the cheap cost, the geographic position of the countries works as a boon. These countries have some of the brightest IT talents in the world and thus have majorly contributed to the realm of Eastern Europe procurement. In comparison to western countries, the economic condition of Eastern European countries lags behind, and this is why they need to upgrade their outsourcing game to improve the situation. Business houses prefer outsourcing over in-house hiring because the former not only saves money but also provides an access to a giant pool of talent.  

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