The case study shows how Dragon Sourcing helps clients identify competitive steel casting suppliers in China, India, and Vietnam. Once we received the request, we analyzed the demand to define and understand the products and requirements, such as volume, specification, materials, etc. After gathering all this data from the client, we looked at the supply market to find potential suppliers of steel casting. 

After researching the suppliers, we identified 266 suppliers from China, India, and Vietnam. We did a prescreening telephone interview with 78 suppliers who passed the test and met all the client-specified requirements. Following this, we submitted an RFI-RFQ from 19 suppliers, wherein 12 RFI-RFQ were received from China; the suppliers are in 8 distinct provinces, namely Shanxi (3), Hebei (2), Zhejiang (2), Shandong (1), Beijing (1), Jiangsu (1), Fujian (1), and Guangdong (1). Additionally, four RFI-RFQs were received from India, and the suppliers are in Rajkot (2), Thane (1), and Aurangabad (Maharashtra). Lastly, three RFIs and RFQs were received from Vietnam, and the suppliers were from Ha Noi (2) and Binh Duong (1). 

We evaluated the requests for information (RFI) from possible vendors based on several criteria, including business information (15%), production (53%), quality management (12%), and price competitiveness (20%). Next, we requested product samples from the providers. 

We suggested the names of 19 suppliers after examining their RFI responses and samples. We found out that 9 suppliers have potential savings ranging from 7% to 40%, and 9 suppliers have potential savings ranging from 5.9% to 48.5% for the 2 items. After the project was finished, we gave our clients access to all our charts and research materials so they could select the best supplier(s) from whom they would like to get materials. 

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