Dragon Sourcing helped a big US-based international vendor with steel weldments. Among the goods are the mouffle, anchoring frame, beam, count jib, trolley, plate weldment, outrigger float, outrigger weld, and more. These products are mainly sourced from Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, all of which are outsourcing-friendly low-cost Asian countries. Among the principal deliverables are:  
* RFI-RFQ analysis report 
* RFI-RFQ template 
* Supplier database 
* Recommendation from the DS for the next steps 
In order to determine our clients’ goals, we have conducted extensive discussions with them to comprehend their steel requirements. Every necessity, including unit cost, quantity, needs, and supplies, has been identified by our analysis. After learning about our client’s requirements, we used our B2B websites, magazines, DS database, and other commerce-related tools to locate possible suppliers and manufacturers in the target countries. After possible vendors have been found, we give them a call to find out if they would be interested in taking part in the procurement cycle. We also ask them if they have the ability to manufacture and export the items. 
An RFI/RFQ document was made after listening to what consumers had to comment about our method of using the phone to initial screening for choosing the potential suppliers. The RFI/RFQ is translated into all regional languages so that vendors may readily understand the specifications. In accordance with the response, we give each supplier points, taking care to check their credentials. Clients are given a detailed overview of the costs and pricing associated. 
Dragon Sourcing primarily contracts with businesses in the shipbuilding, mining, agriculture, big boiler manufacturing, and paper machining industries to provide steel weldments. A wide range of services is provided, including laser cutting, punching, welding, assembly and painting. The Global Sourcing Strategy Process now has a unique online platform thanks to our online sourcing tool, GSP.

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