Recently, Dragon Sourcing assisted a large US-based global provider of complete solutions for the institutional clothing and textiles sector in sourcing Terry towels, garments, and sheeting from low-cost nations such as India, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan, and Jordan. Among the primary deliverables were: 

  • Supplier database 
  • RFI-RFQ template 
  • RFI-RFQ analysis report 
  • Recommendation from DS for the next steps 

We conducted thorough conversations with the customer to determine their needs, including quantity, current unit costs, materials, and specifications. Once we understood our client’s requirements, we utilized our DS database, B2B websites, periodicals, and chamber of commerce tools to discover prospective suppliers in the target nations. After finding the possible suppliers, we talked to them on the phone to find out if they were interested in taking part in the sourcing process if they could make the product, and if they could export it. 

We made an RFI/RFQ document based on what the client said after we used a phone pre-screening process to shortlist a few vendors. 

Once an RFI or RFQ was created, it was translated into the local languages and delivered to the shortlisted vendors to achieve the most involvement possible. As soon as we received the response to the RFI/RFQ, we assigned points to each supplier based on certain vital criteria and displayed them on a scoreboard so we could compare their qualifications. We gave the customer an analysis of costs and expenses and made suggestions for sample development from four vendors. 

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