When it comes to sourcing from Mexico, you may come across a bunch of negative thoughts such as poor work conditions and goods streaming across the border, exhausted factories, etc. Most of these issues are nothing but misconceptions about manufacturing in Mexico. Discussed below are four such myths about Mexico sourcing.

1. Mexico Manufacturing Affects US Workers

It is partially true that some US manufacturers have shifted from the US to Mexico. The main reason behind this is lower production costs. In Mexico, the production cost is lower than in the US. These reduced production costs may lead to low pricing. This way, US consumers get more value for their dollars. While some US workers face difficulties, some others are getting benefitted.

Moreover, it would be right to state that Mexican manufacturing affects some US workers but helps many US consumers. As US citizens are able to purchase goods, supplying goods from Mexico boosts the economy of the US. This is no doubt a good sign for the traders in both countries.

2. Goods Supplied from Mexico Benefits only Mexican Labors and Companies

A belief is currently prevailing in the market that buying goods from Mexico means sending money out that will never come back. This is not the right scenario. Around 40% of each dollar spent on sourcing in Mexico comes from the US. Most US companies buy equipment, raw materials, services, and raw materials from Mexican companies. It saves their production costs and reduces the price of the manufactured products. A wide section of the giant US business sector welcomes Mexican manufacturing and considers it as an integral part of their manufacturing processes. If you are running a business in the US, you can consider Mexico for supplying the goods and other materials.

3. Mexican Manufacturers are not Quick in Responding to Emails and Phone Calls

As most Mexican manufacturers work with other countries after the NAFTA agreement, they are adept with the norms and regulations of global businesses. They respect and value other cultures and exercise effective communication. This tendency has made a great place for foreign companies to invest in the country and work without any hassles. In this country, you will find an amazing unity of different cultures that need applause. This is an incarnation of ideal work culture.

4. Manufacturing in Mexico is not as Good in Quality as other Manufacturers Elsewhere

As most Mexican manufacturers possess some certifications from international organizations for Standardization, they can meet the quality standards. ISO certifications demand audits of quality and performance. Having this certification implies that the manufacturers are reliable and worth your investment.

A Final Takeaway

The four key myths discussed above can deprive you of the numerous benefits that Mexico sourcing offers. Therefore, it is important for you to unveil the truth which is far away from these myths. You can leverage multiple benefits from Mexican manufacturers. Investment in Mexico is beneficial not only for a particular business but also for the economies of both countries. If you take ample time is deciding on a supplier and make the right decision, you will be eventually witnessing the profits.

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