Turkey may not be the best low-wage nation to consider, but foreign entrepreneurs find this country to be a convenient option as far as outsourcing services are concerned. Basically, the labor costing part is much lower in comparison to countries of Western Europe and America. At the same time, the quality of services being offered from Turkey meets the European Standards in most of the cases. There are some sectors that enjoy leading global recognition. The steel industry is one of the best examples when it comes to the global dominance of being the producer of world-class semi-manufactured goods. Outsourcing has become a major way to economic stability in Turkey. The government must be accredited for the part. The latest policies of economic incentives have resulted in making Turkey a highly prospective country for a lot of foreign enterprises, especially when it comes to production outsourcing services.

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If you are thinking about Turkey sourcing to outsource a part of your business production, it is absolutely crucial to have a comprehensive overview of all the potential manufacturers available while carrying out a highly reliable cost-benefit analysis. A lot of factors play their roles in the process. Have a look:

  • The location of the manufacturing unit
  • The delivery speed and logistics cost
  • The manufacturer’s overall financial reputation
  • The industrial quality of the product
  • The labor quality
  • The organizational level

You will have to compare the data of all the sourcing companies along with the potential manufacturers prior to taking any kind of decision.

The above info is not the only thing you will be requiring. You also will require information about the industrial and economic stimulation policies concerning the government of Turkey. This may vary according to the region and sector in question. Moreover, it is also necessary to learn about the requirement of legal documents that are working in the process to support your outsourcing requirements.


Once you have shortlisted the sourcing companies, there are certain areas to focus on. Have a look at the list of scenarios:

  • The total capacity and volume of the potential manufacturers
  • A clear understanding of the geographic location of these manufacturers
  • Total capacity, quality, and volume of semi-manufactured or raw materials that can be supplied
  • The total product cost (that includes the transport costs)
  • The potential manufacturer’s workmanship and expertise
  • The requirement for technological completion from the place of your origin
  • Whether the product eligible for any kind of incentive schemes or economic stimulation?
  • Whether there are any kinds of possibilities to utilize Turkey as the gateway to reach nearby markets?


Once you have shortlisted a list of all the potential candidates, it becomes even more important to create that initial level of contacts with each of these future business partners by approaching them in the best way possible. Reputed and reliable Turkey sourcing units can definitely support, assist, and advice you in the process, right from the preliminary talks (the initial phases) to the signing contracts (the final phase). The responsibilities don’t stop in here. There are lots of works to do with the conclusion of the initial phase after the outsourced projects become operational. The process needs to get fine-tuned to make the entire scenario run on a smoother note. Being in touch with the Turkish manufacturing units is of crucial importance.

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