One of our clients asked us to find alternatives to India or China for getting barware accessories and dessert cutlery. As soon as we got the request, we looked at what the client wanted in terms of quantity, quality, location of delivery, and other things. After we had all the information, we did a substantial amount of research on the Indian and Chinese markets to find the companies that made and sold these products. After obtaining a list of vendors, we conducted a pre-screening through a telephone interview. In this interview, we asked the suppliers pertinent questions about the whole procurement process and the quality of the items that our customer wishes to acquire. In this stage, we managed to select 42 suppliers. 

We issued RFIs and RFPs after consulting with our clients. We reviewed the responses to our RFI and RFQ to determine which providers delivered the greatest value. Based on our research, we recommended six suppliers for cheese boards, knives, bottle openers, and cocktail sets. Furthermore, we proposed that 5 of these vendors be asked to submit samples so that our customer could make a final decision. For bar cart procurement, we identified 3 vendors, one of whom may be asked to supply samples so that the customer can make an informed decision.

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