When all was said and done by the end of 2019, and analysts and experts of automotive industries had put their assumptions and takeaways on the trends that were impacting the industry. While a lot of those trends are still being used, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic situation that occurred in the beginning of 2020 has influenced the automotive industry sourcing processes. This context will cover the various aspects of emerging data and how the pandemic crisis will have a long-term and short-term effect on the automotive industry.


Covid-19- How The Pandemic Will Frame The Automotive Industry?

Everybody is aware of the short-term impact of COVID-19 is having on their lives and livelihood, the ways it is having dramatically changing everybody’s lifestyle. The automotive industry is another such thing that was not spared by this outbreak. Various norms and regulations that were declared by the government throughout the world as safety measures like self-isolation and social distancing have led to a reduced number of people investing and using cars- no doubt for a good reason.

But, a very of them is unaware of the long-term impact this pandemic will have on the automotive industry. The dealers of this industry have already experienced a huge loss in volume with a reduction in the profit line as manufacturing companies and factories were temporarily closed and a majority of customers were forced to stay at their homes. A recent study has highlighted how the traffic has undergone a drastic decrease in its percentage after people stepped into 2020. The change of air has also changed the user’s behavior that has changed from purchasing intent to product research. This behavior outlines a story that depicts the customer’s intention- while the automotive industry will still be in huge demand, it is improbable consumers will purchase anything in the immediate future.

This can be quite dismal for the automotive industry sourcing specialists, but there are ways they can invest this time in shaping their expectations and productions according to consumer behavior. Here are some of the ways that the automotive industry can follow to set themselves for their future success, while they build a strong relationship with the consumers.


  • Try focusing on the branding part- in these times of crisis, the customary activity used by the salesperson will just come like a tone-deaf. Instead of using traditional sales activity, industrialists can use marketing and ads strategy for serving your customers. Content marketing is outshining every other marketing strategy now than ever. These are some of the strategies owners can imply to help local communities to get over the crisis.
  • Adapt to new business models- With a change in consumer behavior, the owners should also find some ways that they can adapt in order to align their target customers.
  • You must provide a job to the key workers- you need to search for people and volunteers who are in dire need of a job and provide them your service.
  • Focus on playing the long-term game- from the result of various studies, it was found that behavior is switching from purchasing to research. Now, industrialists need to make this switch the intent of their business strategy.

This context will shed light on more in-depth research for finding solutions and provide a practical solution for weathering the storm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.


Make Digital Retailing Process A Priority

The automotive industry sourcing specialists must focus on prioritizing their digital platform and implementing the results in framing a clear digital retailing strategy. This will give them an opportunity to imitate the process of creating deals through digital platforms. This also allows the consumers to search for the right car and feature useful combinations before they visit the dealership in person.


This can be the most valuable solution for the entire automotive cycle. For better clarification, the whole digital retailing strategy will provide the following advantages:

  • Build A Connection Between Physical And Digital Sales- Customers feel that they should complete various steps when buying things online. This gives them a sense of satisfaction and confidence, thereby making them believe that the digital experience can be quite a delight.
  • A Unique Customer Journey- This will help feel the customers that they are individually provided with a digital sales rep, serving solutions for their queries.

It can be a fair way to show the customers will be suspended in their research phase but, this can be beneficial for brands as they will be able to provide options that an experienced customer would love to opt for.


Make Ads The Heart Of Your Business Strategy

If you are stuck with your traditional ad campaigns, it is time that you create some fresh and contemporary campaigns. Relying on the customary creativities will be the most ineffective thing to do. This will not only lead to decreased profit margin but also lower your business’ value for your customers.

Right now, the most important thing to focus on should be in building your company’s brand. If you are thinking about cutting down the budget invested in creating ads, you should make sure to allocate the investment to either content marketing or brand building. This will help you thrive in the competitive market while alleviating the load of reduced cash flow.

Your ad marketing strategy should be empathetic and in tune with the requirements of your consumer. Acknowledging their sentiment and behavior will help them to get relevant information and provide them the exact content they are searching for.


Leadership Has Become A Critical Aspect Now

With the advent of the digital world and digitalized technologies, it is critical to establish a personal connection for automotive industry owners with their customers. But the pandemic situation also calls for a strong leadership skill. It will help the owners of brands and directors to make vital decisions on user experience, positioning, and creativity. Strong leadership requires a balance between personalization and automation.

The only possible way to survive in this pandemic situation is to build a strong connection between sales reps and customers who can effectively guide the customers with buying procedures.

Since the marketing playbook has changed, you, as an automotive industry sourcing specialist, need to adapt to these dramatic changes.

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