Dragon Sourcing has helped a large US-based global provider with baby and kids’ indoor items. The items include baby hammocks, washable rugs, baby rockers, crawling mats and sets and other items. These products are sourced from low-cost Asian countries namely China and India. Among the primary deliverables are: 

* RFI-RFQ template
* RFI-RFQ analysis report
* Supplier database
* Recommendation from the DS for the upcoming steps 

To determine the needs of customers, we have conducted detailed conversations and learned about their infant needs. From unit costs to quantity to specifications to materials, our research has brought out every necessity. After understanding clients’ requirements, we made use of our B2B websites, periodicals, DS database and other chambers of commerce tools in order to find prospective vendors and suppliers in the target countries. Once probable suppliers are found, we contact them on the phone and ask if they are interested to be a part of the sourcing procedure. We also ask them if they are capable of making the product and exporting it as well. 

An RFI/RFQ document is made based on what the clients had to say about our process of using a phone to prescreen in order to select some compatible vendors. The RFI/RFQ is translated into all local languages so that the vendors can understand the instructions clearly. Depending on the response, we give points to each supplier and also make sure to compare their qualifications. Customers are given a thorough analysis of the expenses and costs involved.  

Dragon Sourcing divides its products into two sourcing zones. Baby hammocks, baby rocker indoor tents and crawling mats are sourced from China. Small pouffes and kid rugs are sourced from India. GSP, which is our online sourcing tool, has provided a unique online platform for the Global Sourcing Strategic Process.  

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