Dragon Sourcing is an industry-leading procurement organization that helps businesses find suppliers globally for raw materials and finished goods in emerging and mature markets. This case study demonstrates how Dragon Sourcing helped a client find reliable vendors to source bearing products. Following is a list of the primary outputs of this case study:  

  • Supplier database 
  • Scorecard 
  • RFI/RFQ report  
  • Supplier profile and ranking 
  • Recommended suppliers 
  • Samples     

The case study began with an in-depth investigation of the budget. It centered on the needs of the customer and the identification of vendors who could fulfill those needs. 

We had an in-depth conversation with the customer about our pre-screening selection procedures. Dragon Sourcing researched the supply marketplaces of all potential suppliers after setting the pre-screening parameters. To verify the suppliers, we looked them up using the DS databank, B2B websites, and other online resources. 

Dragon Sourcing analyzed data from several diverse sources and found 145 suppliers. A phone pre-screening was conducted based on the client’s specified parameters. These were as follows:    

  • Capability to make the product 
  • Minimum company size 
  • Interest in participating 

Then, we collaborated with the client to design the RFI/RFQ forms for the two product categories for which they needed bids.    

After receiving 18 replies to an RFI or RFQ, Dragon Sourcing utilized a scorecard developed in collaboration with the client to rate the vendors. Our report on the RFI-RFQ was based on the scoring analysis we performed. We included the names of four suggested vendors in the report to analyze their samples and select one who fulfils all the criteria stated by the customer and provides attractive prices for their products.    

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