Recently, one of our premium clients, a leading manufacturing company, sought to find suppliers for their iron casting and machining needs. They turned to Dragon Sourcing, the industry’s powerhouse in supplier sourcing. This case study explains how we carefully selected suppliers to provide our clients with high-quality goods and services. Our team sat down with our customer to find what they were looking for and to find the right supplier for their needs.  

Our client’s requirements were precise and demanding. They needed suppliers who could deliver high-quality iron castings and perform intricate machining processes with utmost precision. We tapped into our vast network of suppliers in the US and Mexico to identify the best candidates. This network, meticulously nurtured over the years, facilitates seamless supplier identification and selection. Initially, we identified 326 suppliers through our extensive research. We then conducted telephone interviews to pre-qualify the vendors and whittled down the list to 61, of which only 23 agreed to sign the NDA. Our team then mailed RFIs and RFQs to the shortlisted 23 vendors. The terms of the RFI/RFQ were drawn up after consulting our client. We received 9 RFQs and 6 RFI/RFQs from the shortlisted clients, which were meticulously evaluated. Dragon Sourcing conducted thorough background checks and due diligence to ensure the suppliers met our client’s power-driven requirements. We left no stone unturned, scrutinizing their track records, certifications, and quality control measures.  

Dragon Sourcing, with its strict supplier selection process and unshakable dedication to client success, played a critical part in improving our client’s supply chain. Our client established market domination by discovering vendors of high-quality iron castings and machining. 

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