One of our clients, a leading kitchenware retailer, asked us to find a reliable supplier of coffee pots in China. Our company, Dragon Sourcing, has a considerable reputation for finding the best suppliers for companies’ procurement needs. This case study shows how we helped our client find reliable coffees pot suppliers in China. 

Dragon Sourcing’s Approach: 

We conducted in-depth market research to identify China’s leading coffee pot manufacturers. Our team analyzed their production capabilities, certifications, and reputation within the industry. We then had a telephone conversation with each of the vendors to find out whether they qualified for the stringent standards set by our client. After consulting with our client, we initiated the RFI/RFQ process. The replies we received to our RFQ were carefully analyzed, and based on the scores, we identified 7 out of 16 suppliers for further evaluation. 

Supplier Selection and Contracting   

In the second stage, our experts visited each shortlisted supplier personally. They audited their manufacturing facilities, quality control processes, and compliance with international standards. This thorough vetting process ensured that only the most reliable suppliers were considered. We gathered samples from all 7 suppliers, from which our client selected 2 for requoting. In the second round, 4 shortlisted suppliers applied afresh with new quotes. Our team analyzed their quotes and products, and we recommended a supplier who offered the best price. Leveraging our strong relationships with the vendors, we negotiated favorable terms and conditions on behalf of our client. This included pricing, delivery schedules, and quality assurance agreements. This comprehensive approach helped our client find a reputable vendor for their coffee pot procurement in China. 

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