In this case study, our client, a large European discount variety retailer, was looking to reduce their dependence on China sourcing and procure from near-sourcing supply markets, mainly in East Europe and Turkey. The project objectives included conducting a demand analysis, creating a long list of suppliers for six categories, pre-screening the suppliers based on key criteria, and managing the RFI-RFQ process. 

It was necessary to source the following materials: 

  • Freezer bags
  • Garbage bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Food storage boxes
  • Plastic boxes
  • Disposables
  • Candles
  • Socks
  • Windshield liquid.

We identified and validated 655 suppliers, with 217 being selected for pre-screening. Once we got a list of 78 vendors who had successfully cleared the pre-screening test, we mailed them our RFI/RFQ. Only 39 suppliers responded to the RFI/RFQ phase, with 46 separate RFQs covering all six categories. We also offered a detailed visual representation of each vendor’s facility and products through photos, along with associated certificates. It helped our client gain an extensive understanding of potential suppliers. With this insight, our clients could now assess each provider’s capabilities accurately and select the ideal choice tailored to their requirements. Furthermore, we produced a detailed RFQ summary document containing vendor details across various product categories, which was then shared alongside the separate RFQ files per supplier. 

By providing DS reports to our client highlighting potential suppliers from target markets and assisting them in starting business immediately after finalizing the project, we were able to meet their sourcing needs effectively. Additionally, due to the success of this project, the client decided to continue working with Dragon Sourcing for a second wave of sourcing activities involving different product categories. Our diligent approach to analyzing market trends and connecting our clients with reputable suppliers not only reduced their dependency on China but also allowed them to tap into new supply markets. By following a well-structured process and delivering comprehensive reports throughout each phase of the project cycle, Dragon Sourcing successfully served our client’s needs while ensuring full satisfaction. 

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