Dragon Sourcing recently assisted an NGO working in South African countries to preserve wildlife by identifying vendors supplying high-quality edible palm processing plants. To begin, we conducted a demand analysis in close collaboration with the customer, gathering all necessary specifications for the project. With a comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs, we conducted an extensive supply market analysis. We researched various sources, including the internet, B2B websites, and our database, to identify reputable suppliers in China, India, and Southeast Asia. We then contacted these suppliers to gauge their interest in providing equipment to our client. Once we identified the suppliers willing to sell equipment to our client, we developed a detailed RFI-RFQ that included specific criteria such as financials, background, product experience, manufacturing capability, and quality certification. 

Our thorough approach ensured that our clients received the best possible options from suppliers who met their requirements. We then sat with our client and created a scorecard that compared the responses to our RFI RFQ from various vendors and ranked them. The entire project took 9 weeks to complete. In this project, 161 suppliers were first identified. Only 23 vendors responded to our RFI-RFQ. Once we analyzed the scorecard on which we ranked all the vendors, we finally recommended the names of nine vendors to our suppliers, from whom they could buy the palm oil processing plant. 

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