In this case study, we will discuss how Dragon Sourcing helped an American client find highly reputable suppliers of furniture textiles from Mexico and China at highly discounted prices. 

Major deliverables of this project include: 

  • Supplier database 
  • Creating RFI/RFQ Document 
  • Scorecard and Report 
  • Profiles of the best Suppliers 
  • Recommended suppliers 

For this project, we worked closely with the customers to know more about their requirements, which included their asking price, qualification of the supplier, specs, volumes, location, the technology used, and more. Once we were sure about the needs of our clients, we conducted a thorough market analysis by going through various sources, such as our database, B2B websites, information from the Chamber of Commerce, fair catalogs, and others. 

Next, we adopted our pre-screening process, in which we directly called up the shortlisted suppliers we gathered from our research based on criteria like company size, interest in participating, capabilities, and others. After the pre-screening process was completed, we created an RFI/RFQ document based on a scorecard that included the background of the company, their experience, their finances, the technology they use, and quality certification. We then rigorously analyzed the RFI and RFQ responses. Based on the various companies’ scores on our scorecard, we finally recommended five suppliers to our client for further negotiation and sample testing. 

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