This case study shows how Dragon Sourcing helped an American client get the best deal on furniture upholstery from Mexico and China. Not only did we find highly reputable suppliers, but we were also able to get them at highly discounted prices. Let us dive into the details and see how we made this happen. 

Major deliverables of this project include:  

  • Supplier database 
  • Scorecard 
  • RFI/RRFQ report 
  • Supplier profiles 
  • Recommended suppliers 

We collaborated closely with our clients to ensure we understood their requirements thoroughly, including the desired cost, which suppliers to qualify, specifications, volumes, location, technology to be used, and more. Once we were confident that our client’s needs were well-defined, we conducted an extensive market analysis. Our research sources included our database, B2B websites, Chamber of Commerce information, trade show catalogs, and more. 

By implementing a pre-screening process, we could make direct calls to the most qualified suppliers who met our company size criteria, interest in participating, abilities, and more. We developed an RFI/RFQ document complete with a scorecard that evaluated a company’s background, experience, finances, the technology they use, and quality certification. After carefully analyzing the RFI/RFQ responses, we identified the four most suitable suppliers for our client.  

After thoroughly considering the scorecard, we recommend these four suppliers for further negotiations and sample testing. Our selection process was done with precision and care, leaving no stone unturned to ensure our client gets the best possible value for their money. 

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