Dragon Sourcing is one of the leading service providers in the procurement industry. The company makes sourcing hassle-free and quicker for every sector. If a firm wants to obtain new suppliers for glass gourds, it can rely on Dragon Sourcing for supplier databases, RFI-RFQ analysis reports, and supplier profiles. The company can also get suppliers’ pre-audit reports.  

 Dragon sourcing begins the process with a demand analysis to better understand the client’s products and needs. Next, they do a supply market analysis to locate the prospective suppliers in desired countries through the DS database, B2B websites, magazines, networks, and fair catalogs. The team aims to identify suitable vendors who can meet the specific requirements.  

 After preparing the list of suppliers, the procurement team does telephonic pre-screening to judge the most competent vendors. In one of their recent projects, they had identified 86 prospective suppliers, and among them, 37 were successful in the pre-screening phase. Out of these 37, 13 suppliers were from Turkey, 11 from China, 4 from Czech, and 3 each from Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.  

 The Dragon team then creates RFI-RFQ documents and distributes them to the selected suppliers for participation. Based on these documents, the Dragon Sourcing team evaluates suppliers. They then develop the final report, which profiles and ranks the most capable vendors. The report also contains a recommendation for those to be audited. In the above-mentioned project, 11 vendors had received the RFI-RFQ templates, and finally, the team had recommended two of the best vendors to its client. 

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