Dragon Sourcing reshaped the procurement of protective gloves in China, Thailand, and Malaysia. The ambitious goal was to unlock cost savings, onboard new suppliers, and navigate international sourcing standards.

The journey started with a clear vision. It involved sourcing various gloves: protective, anti-cut, mechanical, chemical-resistant, and liquid protection gloves. A bold ambition to reduce annual spending from AUD 961K to a target of AUD 859K drove the operation, requiring a blend of precision, expertise, and audacity.

Dragon Sourcing’s tactical approach was a blend of art and science. The team initiated a spend category analysis. They delved into specifications, quality, volumes, and deadlines to understand demand. We analyzed the supply-side market. We identified potential suppliers through a rigorous RFI. The RFP process orchestrated the selection.

We meticulously analyzed a striking tableau of 58 SKUs spread across 5 glove categories. The protective glove category accounted for 71.5% of the total spend. This showcases the complexity of the sourcing endeavor.

Screening and Selection

Dragon Sourcing leveraged its vast network and databases to craft a formidable list of potential allies. We subjected suppliers to a crucible of pre-screening questions, ensuring that only the most capable and compliant would proceed. In this meticulous filtration process, we quoted 30 suppliers from China to Malaysia, with impressive savings potentials ranging from 16% to 73%.

We evaluated suppliers for Australian and New Zealand safety compliance against ANSI and CE standards. The operation escalated during the sampling process. 5 suppliers emerged, recommended for their exemplary performance and potential cost savings. 2 suppliers underwent audits. One earned high praise for exporting to Australia, a significant step towards procurement excellence.

The project culminated on a triumphant note, achieving remarkable savings and securing a supplier that met and exceeded client expectations. The strategic sourcing project highlighted Dragon Sourcing’s expertise in global procurement. It also emphasized the benefits of careful supplier selection, evaluation, and engagement strategies.

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