Dragon Sourcing is one of the most sought-after sourcing and procurement agencies. The company helps a multitude of businesses belonging to different industries. The company helped a client source Polo shirt. They hired us to find the best suppliers in their targeted sourcing hubs, China, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Deliverables they expected from Dragon are:

  1. Supplier database
  2. RFI/RFQ template
  3. RFI/RFQ analysis report
  4. Supplier profiles and rankings

Team Dragon Sourcing started the project by collecting detailed spend information regarding the nature of the required products, such as expected supplier capabilities, specifications, volumes, drawings, and samples. The team analyzed all collected information and figured out potential suppliers. Next, a list of potential suppliers was made. Also, the team considered the existing list of DS potential suppliers to include them in the RFI process. It enabled the client to utilize the web, external database, and various networks of experts.

In the next stage, team Dragon conducted a phone pre-screening of all the suppliers. This screening was based on a maximum of 4-5 criteria per category. In the third step, the sourcing experts of Dragon analyzed the responses considering the qualitative criteria. Also, they employed a scorecard together to rank the shortlisted suppliers.

Together with the client, team Dragon created the RFI-RFQ report. This report summed up the qualification of each supplier, their responsibilities, MOQ, quotation requirements, and the client references. In the next step, they administered the RFI/RFQ process to ensure a high return. Also, they performed a sampling test with the selected suppliers and asked the client to make the final decision.

This way, Dragon Sourcing enabled the client to find and hire reliable and efficient suppliers of polo shirts.

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