Modern people have developed a habit of immediately getting what they need. If hungry, they order their desired food online and get it on their table quickly. Similarly, all other demands are getting fulfilled without any hassles. This habit is compelling people to search for shortcuts and drawing back from the idea of waiting for something. The same scenario prevails in the fashion industry. Customers expect fast fashion. This changing customer trend is challenging the manufacturers. Even under such competitive circumstances, one country has gained an unconquerable reputation as a leading manufacturer. The world appreciates China’s sourcing for delivering fast retail products.  


Fast Fashion Industry in China

The fast fashion industry is measured by the rate at which the fashion companies generate their new styles in bulk and how fast they can take the products from the catwalk to the customers at a reasonable price. In 2015, the Chinese fast fashion industry recorded a 7.7% increase and with this record, this industry reached CNY 534.7 billion. During the phase from 2010 to 2015, the country witnessed a 14.5 % CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). 

As the dominance of Western luxury brands is on the verge of its end, fast fashion is rapidly growing as most consumers are inclining towards the brands, which provide fashionable apparel at affordable prices. The Chinese fast fashion industry is one of the most prosperous markets in the world. The country stepped into this business between 2002 and 2007 and within this short span, they established their dominance in the global fashion industry. The “Mix and Match” generation (refers to the young Chinese customers) has great contributions to this success.  

Youths take a keen interest in buying a designer outfit at pocket-friendly prices. Apart from this, there are many other reasons for which the demand for sourcing agents in China is increasing along with the growth of the fast fashion industry. Keep reading this blog to explore these reasons.  


Reasons Why Fast Fashion Is Growing in China


  • Wide Supplier Base

The world knows China for its giant supplier base. This base is immensely expansive. When it comes to the apparel industry, you will find exactly what you want in no time. 

  • Lower Costs

You can source apparel from China at a much reasonable rate. Global investors prefer China sourcing mainly for affordability and availability. 

  • Larger Capacity and Quicker Time

No factory in China lacks the capabilities essential for the apparel industry. This large industry depends on bulk orders, which are manufactured in record time without compromising the quality. Along with this, being the largest population, China has ample human resources.

  • Compliance

As China has always been tracked for quality compliances, most factories are compliant with the national and international norms. Hence, the consumers do not need to worry about compliance issues.  


A Final Takeaway

Most foreign fashion businesses prefer hiring a trusted sourcing agent in China to get quality products supplied smoothly. Intervene of these agents make sourcing of fast fashion apparel more flexible and attractive. All you need is to manage time for research work as it will allow you to reach reliable agents. 

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