Turkey stands at the confluence of Europe and Asia, and it acts as a bridge between the East and the West. It has a thriving economy, a skilled labour force, and a well-developed infrastructure. All these positive factors make Turkey a procurement hub. 

  • The Unique Strengths that make Turkey a procurement hub 

There are a lot of things going in favour of Turkey that make it a favourite procurement centre.  Companies from all over the world can get their raw materials, semifinished and finished goods from here. 

As Turkey is near Europe, companies from the world over are looking at it positively to relocate some of their production bases. It will help to create alternative supply chain routes, which saw immense disruption during Covid 19. 

As China is facing repeated lockdowns, the supply chains that sustain the world economy are under immense stress. Industries all over the world are looking for a destination from where they can source goods. Furthermore, as wages in China are growing at a rapid rate, it will not be able to offer an attractive cost advantage. This has made the position of Turkey as a sourcing destination quite attractive.  

  • A growing economy and easy access 

The rank of Turkey’s economy is nineteenth in the world. And notwithstanding some minor hiccups, it has a promising future. Covid 19 crisis has forced many global buyers to scout around for new suppliers in a range of sectors including steel, clothing and textile. In all these sectors, Turkey as a procurement destination has gained quite a popularity. Companies that are at the receiving end of supply chain disruptions are looking for stable and alternative routes through which they can procure goods. 

Businesses from the world over are looking to build new supplier relationships and in this Turkey is emerging as a hot favourite as a strategic solution for sourcing. 

If you’re looking for a destination, wherein you want to shift your production line from China, then Turkey is a great alternative. You can hire a reputed sourcing company that can take care of your sourcing needs. It will ensure that the goods and services you need for your operations are provided unhindered. Some of the services such sourcing companies offer include the following: 

  • Sourcing from China and India. 
  • Remote quality control service. 
  • Import/export management. 
  • Managing your Turkish subsidiary for you. 
  • Help in establishing industrial or commercial establishments. 
  • Expert advice for acquisitions and mergers with local players. 

For most businesses, without procurement, it would be very hard to survive in this competitive market. Procurement management makes sure that the goods are acquired in time and in the quantity that your project requires.  

Turkey as a sourcing destination can play an important role in improving the competitive advantage of your company. You can procure high-quality goods at very competitive prices. This will help you to avoid delays, which will help in improving your company’s bottom line. So, come and look at the various competitive advantage that Turkey provides as a sourcing destination and help your company achieve greater success. 

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