Global Sourcing Service 

The impact of globalization is felt sharply by businesses across the world due to their dependence on the supply chain that is stretched across the world and is fueling global growth. Firms rely on global sourcing services to get raw materials, semifinished goods, and finished goods. Therefore, whatever be their primary market base, they have to take into account the global scenario to do competitive strategy analysis. They have to take into account global economic trends, technology innovation, and the competitive situations in other countries if their main competitors have a base in one of those countries. 

  • What is Driving Global Sourcing Service? 

Global manufacturing has witnessed a huge shift from the advanced economy to the less developed economies due to cheap labor and manufacturing cost. A large number of manufacturers have expanded their global presence through joint ventures, exports, and strategic alliances. These factors are the primary reasons behind the growing reach and influence of global sourcing services. 

  • The Advantages of a Strong Global Supply Chain 

Resilient supply chains can withstand shocks, both political and economic and are extremely important to fuel global growth. Here you will learn about the advantages of a strong supply chain network for the global economy. 

1). Effectiveness: The advanced supply system management and inventory management allows you to check your inventory and match it with customer demand forecast. If there is a shortage of raw materials, then a supply order is placed automatically to minimize any delay. 

Many companies have invested in mobile robots, AI, and machine learning to keep track of their inventory in the warehouse. They use advanced tools and customer data to improve their brand image, avoid delays and improve customer experience. 

2). Expand the Market Reach: A resilient and strong supply chain, spread across the world helps you to reach new markets globally to get more customers. The global sourcing service makes communication between businesses, vendors, and customers easier and more efficient. It allows you to easily access markets, which may be on the other side of the globe and also helps you to stay connected with your customers, regardless of their location. 

3). Offer a Multitude of Sourcing Opportunities: The presence of a global supply chain provides immense opportunities for businesses to significantly improve their production. They can do it by contracting the cheapest source of raw material, cheap labor, and other intermediary products, which were hitherto out of their reach. This has a significant impact on the overall cost of the goods they are producing, which enhances their competitiveness in the market. 

4). Businesses Can Provide a Wide Range of Goods and Services: Thanks to global sourcing service, you can provide a much bigger range of products and services to the customers. 

5). Increased profit: As you can get cheaper labor and raw inputs from all over the world, it helps in improving your profit margin significantly. 

While there are many advantages of a globalized supply chain, you should not forget that concentrating the supply chain in one country or region can have a disastrous impact. Such a situation came glaringly to the front during the Covid 19 crisis. 

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