This case study gives a detailed insight into how Dragon Sourcing provided services for Isoamyl alcohol sourcing from China, India, Brazil and Southeast Asia. The key deliverables that our client wanted from us include,  

  • Providing a supplier database, 
  • A scorecard for shortlisted suppliers, 
  • RFI/RFQ report, 
  • Supplier profiles and recommended suppliers. 

In the first stage, a comprehensive demand analysis was done. Dragon Sourcing worked with the client to understand their requirement and define it properly. To do this, different factors were used to identify the potential suppliers, these included the scope of work, supplier qualification, the technology used, location, project scale, etc. These elements were used as a reference to be included in the RFI-RFQ process. 

Dragon Sourcing identified a list of potential suppliers in the four countries that were included in the RFI process. This was done by referencing the existing list of DS potential suppliers and researching on the web. Dragon Sourcing carried out the phone pre-screening process by using the criteria that were provided to us by the client, which were relevant to their industry. These factors included, whether the supplier is a manufacturer or importer, ISO certification required, Minimum size/Turnover, and Export experience to Israel. Once the first step was completed, Dragon Sourcing made a shortlist of suppliers who met all the criteria that our client was looking for this project. 

Once the suppliers were identified, we worked with the client to develop the RFI-RFQ jointly. It included all the key supplier qualification criteria. it should be a manufacturing or a trading company, minimum size/turnover, ISO9001 certificate, the company should have more than 100 employees and other relevant factors. We build templates for each one of these categories and got them evaluated by our client. The RFI was designed in such a way that it has multiple common questions, but some of these were category specific. Our client validated the algorithm that we use to shortlist, score and rank the various respondents who replied to our RFI/RFQ. We sent the RFI/RFQ to 80 suppliers through the DS GSP platform. Only 8 suppliers responded to the RFQ-RFI. Their responses were analysed further.

After comparing the responses received for the RFQ, the two best suppliers were identified and recommended. The final choice rested with the client to choose the best among these two who satisfied all their requirements. We also provided a comprehensive and in-depth analysis and made a supplier profile of the two identified suppliers. All the key management and production management charts were given to the client. Finally, Dragon Sourcing collaborated with the client to further carry out sampling with the 2 selected suppliers. 

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