Dragon Sourcing recently received a request from a leading European producer of high-quality suspension components and chassis for commercial vehicles, trailers, leisure vehicles, and construction and agricultural vehicles to find suppliers for jockey wheels in India, Mexico, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. To ensure we found the best possible suppliers, we scoured through publicly available information about the suppliers for jockey wheels in these six countries. Additionally, the client specified that the suppliers should have ISO certification, export experience to the EU, and a minimum turnover. We were also provided with a timeline of 2 to 3 weeks to find the suppliers and issue an RFI/RFQ. 

We successfully identified 92 potential suppliers of jockey wheels across six countries by analyzing our in-house database. After validating the shortlisted suppliers with our client, we released the RFI/RFQ and received responses. Subsequently, we conducted a supplier rejection analysis to shorten the list further. As part of our process, we kept our client updated. Out of the 92 suppliers first identified, we reduced the list to 49 during our pre-screening phase. We then shared this list with our clients so that they could make an informed decision about the best supplier for their procurement needs. The entire process was completed in four weeks, enabling our clients to find the best supplier for their requirements. 

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