Dragon sourcing is renowned globally for being the go-to name for sourcing leather jackets and garments from premium suppliers. Its expert team first selects the potential garment suppliers after assessing their history, efficiency, and abilities thoroughly. The Dragon sourcing team uses a comprehensive process of recognizing and recommending new vendors to their clients regardless of the niche or requirements.  

Their team begins with the pre-qualification stage where they first collect information from the client about the nature of the items needed. They then identify a list of prospective suppliers through the internet, multiple networks of experts, and databases. The Dragon sourcing team follows this up by carrying out a phone pre-screening of the vendors based on 4 – 5 criteria per category, which are to be provided by the client.  

In the next step, the team creates the RFI-RFQ template along with the client and sends them to the vendors. The Dragon sourcing professionals then analyze the responses thoroughly to rank suppliers and recommend them to their clients. Lastly, they carry out sampling with the pre-selected vendors.  

In one of their recent projects, they had identified 93 potential suppliers, called them, and only 50 passed the pre-screening stage. The team had finalized 28 competent vendors for the RFI/RFQ stage. Out of these 28, 4 were from China, 11 from India, 9 from Pakistan, and 4 from Turkey. Eventually, they selected 4 suppliers, all of them from Pakistan, and recommended them to their client. 


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