Dragon Sourcing is one of the leading procurement companies that helps the marine industry identify potential suppliers for essential components from China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, and Singapore.

The search process for finding ideal categories involves plastic injection (starting from 63,000-263,000 pieces per references), composite tube (4 references of approximately 131,000 total pieces), and DC motors/lower motor assembly (7 main references of almost 131,000 total pieces). Dragon sourcing strives to provide the marine industry with a supplier database, RFI/RFQ report, Score Card, Company profiles, and recommended audit supplier list.

Each project is important for Dragon. Therefore, the team maintains a standard approach to provide each client from the marine industry with maximum customer satisfaction. They follow a six-step approach to provide the promised deliverables without any hassles. The first step starts with analyzing the demand. Team Dragon works with the client to understand their products and requirements including specs, materials, technologies, volumes, etc. In the second step, Dragon Sourcing leverages B2B websites to identify potential suppliers in China and India, DS database, Chamber of Commerce, References, Magazines, Fair Catalogues, etc.

Next, the team performs telephone screens based on agreed simple criteria. The main aim of this screening is to select the suppliers and include the selected suppliers in the RFI/RFQ process. In the fourth step, the team drafts an RFI document and aligns it with a Balanced Scorecard having objectives to pre-qualify the abilities of the suppliers, such as background, financial states, client and product experience, quality assurance, etc.

The fifth step comes with administering RFQ. RFQ is distributed to the relevant suppliers who have filled out the RFI and labeled as “qualified” for the next level. In the last step, the team analyzes RFI/RFQ responses to rank the suppliers objectively according to their abilities and competitiveness.

Experienced procurement experts at Dragon Sourcing have mapped out this approach to provide the marine industry with world-class supply services.

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