Recently, we helped one of our premium clients, one of the leading global manufacturers and distributors of single-use products for infection control, patient care, and prevention, find reputable suppliers of single-use products for infection control. The client asked us to find the best suppliers for their products from around the world. To find the right supplier for masks and isolation gowns meeting specifications. We first conducted a demand analysis to understand the specific requirements of our client. Based on our client’s demand, we cast our net wide and segmented the globe into 11 zones, from which we compiled an extensive list of manufacturers by leveraging our in-house resources and information available on the Internet. 

After a comprehensive supply market analysis, we shortlisted some suppliers after a telephone pre-screening based on simple, agreed-upon criteria that our client approved. Once we had the shortlisted suppliers after the pre-screening process, we developed an RFI/RFQ template, mailed it to those suppliers, and analyzed their replies. We spent nine weeks on the entire project. From zone 1 and zone 2, we identified 27 suppliers, and from zone 4 to zone 11, we identified 26 suppliers. We forwarded the list of the recommended suppliers to our client for further action. 

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