Dragon Sourcing is committed to carrying out strategic sourcing services for electrical vehicles from China. The objective of this task is to identify potential suppliers of Mini Chinese Electrical Vehicles to export their product to Brazil, and in turn, help improve local mobility in crowded cities of the country by replacing the standard traffic with mini electric cars. In this case study, you can see how Dragon Sourcing has employed its advanced sourcing strategy to screen potential suppliers, identify the relevant products and services, and deliver the client the best-in-class product with the best value for money.

The major challenge for Dragon Sourcing in procuring the best product was to finalize the potential suppliers fully meeting the criteria. In order to achieve its objective, Dragon Sourcing has developed a unique supplier pre-screening and RFI/RFQ database using its own e-sourcing tool GSP. Leveraging the data gathered from this strategic database. The company also undertook a comprehensive demand and market analysis focusing on the geographical scope within China. The screening process, further, was carried out in two distinct steps. First, a pre-qualification stage screening was held to narrow down the potential suppliers. Further, the agency administered its RFI/ RFQ process coupled with a balanced scorecard method to filter out the strongest contenders.

The screening successfully identified 33 suppliers. Further, by analyzing their RFI/RFQ responses via DS’s eSourcing tool GSP, the agency effectively identified a list of potential suppliers for its client.

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