Manufacturing several products from Bangladesh is usually considered by international businesses as a practice that is identified as an important asset to have lowered costs in works. Several brands use this opportunity. This quality has caused Bangladesh manufacturing process to turn into a successful manufacturing procedure. With the enhancement of domestic prices, the cost-effective marketing requirement has also reached its peak. The sourcing Asia companies find it beneficial to source various Bangladesh products due to the low labor cost.

Read on to know about the background of outsourcing and the various tasks that you can outsource in Bangladesh for giving an edge to your business.


Outsourcing Background

The year 1989 first identified outsourcing as an essential business strategy. Although this strategy continued to form an integral portion of the business economy throughout the 1990s, several countries still questioned. Many countries got involved in considerable controversies, with outsourcing being identified as a restorative practice. The companies that opposed this practice then had significantly addressed a massive loss in domestic jobs, primarily in the fabrication sector. The companies that supported the argument were given the opinion that this practice created a business incentive that allowed the allocation of resources in the most-effective areas. They also insisted that outsourcing helped in maintaining the market economy’s nature on a global scale.


Outsourcing in Bangladesh- How Does it Work?

The time has arrived when a majority of businesses across the world have crossed their geographical boundaries. This has created an array of advantages for both the company owners and the employees. Nowadays, business owners can choose to lend jobs, and hire employees from across the globe and enhance other possibilities. This has mainly opened opportunities for remote workers. Remote workers, who are employed irrespective of any geographical boundary, can be highly beneficial for SMEs. Additionally, many competent personalities are out there who can be hired as reliable sources for the company to ensure smooth and effective workflow throughout.

If you are thinking about starting your business in Bangladesh, you should consider outsourcing without any delay. This statement can be backed by the survey conducted by the Bangladesh Association for Software and Information Service (the BASIS). This association made a survey that found 5.5 lacs of freelancers from Bangladesh were working through various marketplaces on this planet.

The Bangladesh sourcing agencies have freelancers who are highly skilled and can outsource their skills to various companies. They are also focused on transforming these skills to help various companies achieve their goals. Bangladesh is getting new hope from these freelancers, who all are working hard to make the country highlight among other tech-skilled companies in the world.

Business owners can either choose to completely outsource their tasks or choose components of a more significant project that can be outsourced. In both ways, it can be beneficial for the owner as having someone else who can shoulder tour work can reduce a significant amount of stress. This can even prove to be a good step for the company in terms of money and time. Outsourcing specific tasks that do not need the owner’s involvement can still help the business run without much intervention.


Outsourcing Business Tasks- How to Start It?

Given below are some of the most important tasks that are required to be addressed by the business owner before outsourcing various tasks in Bangladesh


Hiring and Administrative Tasks

Irrespective of your business’s online presence, you can hire a virtual assistant to accomplish your business tasks. These assistants are the introductory-level members, who are the most common staff you can think about when you want to shoulder someone for your task accomplishment. Sourcing Asia companies have online-based workers who perform various administrative work to support your business.


The various administrative tasks performed by a virtual assistant comprises of the following:

  • Answering to the mails of customer service
  • Coordinating various meetings
  • Data entry and management of several important documents
  • Organizing your email


The additional support given by these members include:

  • Putting the job descriptions together
  • Evaluating the ongoing applications and potentially recognizing them
  • Searching for new hires by identifying various recruitment methods and job boards
  • Scheduling tests for pre-employment and other interviews


Outsourcing hiring tasks to the virtual assistant should be one of the last functions because it will require you to place significant trust in them. This is only possible when the assistant understands your business well and can identify your business’s best candidates.


Research Tasks

If you are considering structuring a team for your business, this is probably the essential outsourcing task. Hiring staff members who can research your business to identify the core areas and implement the best policies can be adamant. But, the freelancers from Bangladesh who provide research assistance are highly skilled in their field. Their tasks include:

  • Finding relevant statistics and expert links for your blog posts
  • Culling through the news pages to find for the best information that can be posted on your channel
  • Creating a report that includes various data like pricing, comparing the pros and cons for a tool that you are considering
  • Finding apt deals for the accommodations and flights for any business trips


Design and Imagery Tasks

You are recommended not to teach yourself with the design tasks if you are terrible at it! Even if you know about the basic kinds of stuff, it is better that you leave the hard stuff on the professionals to handle. This will give you both time and space to profitable focus on what you do best.

The amateurs of Bangladesh can quickly cobble up the various design tasks required to grow your business. This will enable you to get associated with a professional brand and invest in high-quality visual assets like a film industry.


Here are several design tasks that you can outsource, regardless of your industry:

  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Editing


When it comes to providing sourcing activities to various organizations worldwide, Bangladesh sourcing service providers can offer numerous opportunities. Conduct the sourcing operations of your organization in Bangladesh to stand out among the competitors.

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