This case study aims to show how a company decided upon the right suppliers of phenolic resins with the help of Dragon Sourcing. With a holistic database of thousands of suppliers, end-to-end sourcing project management, and more, we chose 108 suppliers from India and China. A comprehensive supplier prequalification stage of 8 weeks, including demand analysis, supply market analysis, telephone screening and many more phases lead to kick-off report, supplier long list, shortlist for RFI-RFQ template, etc. The final RFQ report showed 58 suppliers, who passed the pre-screening. The RFI-RFQ document was sent to all of them, but only 20 responded. The pre-screening rejection analysis showed 29 suppliers who produced only polymer resin, polymer wax and others, and 21 of them had stopped operation owing to the coronavirus outbreak. And, the RFI-RFQ rejection analysis showed 12 suppliers were not interested to continue. Logistics cost was considered, supplier company profiles were shared with the client. The company achieved savings from several suppliers, topped by an Indian supplier, which gave the highest saving of US$ 1.21 M.

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