This study demonstrates the success of Dragon Sourcing in helping one of our clients find highly reliable suppliers in China and Turkey to source plastic and metallic waste collection containers. To start the process, our team of experts engaged in close collaboration with the client to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and conducted a comprehensive supply market analysis to identify potential suppliers. To kickstart this project, we thoroughly analyzed our in-house supplier list. We leveraged the Internet and other resources to identify the names of suppliers selling these two types of equipment. 

Once we had the raw data ready, we conducted a telephonic pre-screening process, which helped us to narrow down the list of potential suppliers. Following this, we consulted with our client and created an RFI/RFQ to send to the suppliers who had successfully passed the pre-screening process. We then analyzed the vendors’ responses against a list of criteria that had been agreed upon with our client, to make a final list of the best suppliers. This entire process took 10 weeks (about 2 and a half months), and we kept our client updated on our progress throughout. Once we had completed the selection process, we provided our client with a list of recommended suppliers who matched their criteria for further action. 

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