Many small and mid-sized retail companies find sourcing from a low-cost country a lucrative business option. They hire the services of reputable product sourcing companies to find low-cost vendors who can provide high-quality goods. Some big companies, with their sourcing departments, rely on their internal sources for sourcing products. The efficiency of your company’s procurement system will significantly impact how much money you can spend. When everything is running well, buying is easy. However, if you are using an inefficient approach, you will run into various purchasing and procurement issues.  

The good news is that fixing the most frequent procurement errors is usually a breeze. Technology has the potential to resolve several issues within the procurement division. In this blog, we have listed five problems you may encounter in product sourcing and how you can avoid them.   

Misguided Approach   

Having a clear plan of action is essential in every commercial endeavor. This facilitates a speedy and easy journey from A to B. When looking to expand internationally, it is important to determine which foreign markets have the industrial base to provide high-quality goods at incredibly low prices.   

Verify that the quality, functionality, and timeliness of their products are up to par with your expectations for a more refined selection process. You can outsource this service by choosing reputable product sourcing companies to make your procurement process hassle-free.   

Expectations Regarding Quality Assurance   

Setting expectations for product quality before you start discovering suppliers is a key step, even if it seems counterintuitive to handle quality control right at the beginning of your sourcing strategy. Using your quality requirements to restrict the pool will save you a lot of time and effort.  

Getting Samples of the Product  

It is not hard to uncover deceptive factory profiles, even though many trade businesses demand at least some factory ID verification. Do not let pictures of shiny new factories fool you. If the images appear generic, that is probably because they are. The only reliable ways to check if a manufacturer’s claims about quality are true is to visit the factory in person (see factory audits), take a virtual tour of the facility, or test a sample of the product.  

Absence of Context  

You may search for a reliable vendor once you have determined your needs and criteria. Make a list of the best vendor options and check them out thoroughly. This necessitates research on the possible suppliers to assess their value.  

Contingency Planning in the Absence of Contracts   

Signing a detailed written contract between you and the provider is another precaution to consider in product sourcing. This keeps the partnership from expanding beyond its legal limits. A legal document provides safety as you will have legal power if the other party breaches the agreement.  


Procuring from abroad requires extensive preparation and planning to avoid costly mistakes and delays. In addition to avoiding the problems listed above, you can use helpful technologies like product sourcing software to make the procurement process go more smoothly.   

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