Studies show that almost 60% of companies worldwide resort to outsourcing business services in Eastern European countries. This is because Eastern Europe has become a rather cost-effective and savvy choice. In today’s time, business solutions are in need of skilled help expertise. Hiring an in-house team will prove to be quite expensive for the company while resorting to an offshore sourcing agency will ensure that the cost remains in check and also the manufacturing process gets better. Outsourcing to Eastern European countries is becoming preferable for several organizations that focus on quality over quantity. Countries in this region have an abundance of resourceful and skilled labor. From Russia to the Baltic States to Poland, each of these countries is chosen for their skilled proficiency in IT and software development.  

Factors why Eastern European Countries are great for outsourcing 

Eastern Europe is slowly becoming digitally advanced. Technological parks are booming, and several companies are preferring to come to Eastern European countries for their outsourcing purposes. Vendors and suppliers from this region offer lucrative benefits to the companies and increase their appeal as quality manufacturers. Take a look at the following reasons to understand why outsourcing in this region with the help of a sourcing agent will be beneficial for your business: 

* Skilled labor – Eastern European countries value education and thereby produce a large number of youth every year specializing in software and IT. Labor here is affordable and abundant. With a growing and skilled labor force, these countries can provide the required help to companies in need. 

* A growing market – Eastern Europe provides quality education to all students. This is expanding their job market as labor costs are not high in comparison with the skills they are providing. The availability of talent keeps on growing here. The talent pool is huge and the youth is skilled enough to deal with different types of projects.  

* Proficiency in English – Language is no barrier when you are outsourcing from a sourcing agency from Eastern European countries. No words get lost in translation and you can communicate with the vendors without any obstacles. A potential outsourcing partner is determined by the price point and language efficiency. This enables a fluid workflow between the two parties. 

* Similarly in culture – Eastern European countries almost have an adjacent history to their western counterparts. This is why there are certain cultural similarities and understanding one another is done in a better way. Owing to a uniform workflow, vendor management and costly misunderstandings can be reduced to a minimum.  

Eastern European countries enable business houses to outsource their work at a cost-effective price point. The sourcing agent maintains this margin without compromising on the quality of the products. The talent pool in these countries is vast and is constantly learning and growing to suit the changing requirements better. If you prefer quality over quantity, turn to Eastern Europe for outsourcing as their cultural and linguistic affinities will pave the way for a great procurement experience.  

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