Cyber security issues and supply chain problems do intersect with each other, and most likely the threat of a cyber attack is something most supply chain leaders are unaware of. These cyber security issues have long been highlighted by experts. The recent hack of the Solar Wind corporate’s software showed how much of a problem this can be and how much of attention needs to be given by the private organizations at every stage. The recent attack has basically showed how unaware both public and private organization have been in handling these issues. Evidence shows how far-reaching and significant have been the attack at Solar Winds corporate.

There is one common reason behind such attacks and that is the interconnection between the global sourcing services and global supply chains. The base is so huge that even a relatively minute attack can have an unbelievably massive attack. Despite the experts ringing the potential alarm to become cautious, there is no sign of preparedness by the organizational heads.

Since it is high time now, supply chain leaders need to take serious actions and raise awareness when it comes to protecting their information, and therefore, their jobs. Here you will gain insight into five such steps that will help you in safeguarding the supply chain’s data.


Check the System Thoroughly

If you were sure in 2016 about the security system of your organization, there is no reason to be confident about the security system in 2017. Probably the system is not secure in 2017, and there is no reason to get overwhelmed about this fact. As you know, the security policies keep changing every time, the global sourcing service professionals need to constantly monitor the changes and take prior actions before things go out of hand. Also, the cyber threats are constantly changing and evolving. This basically happens as a result of the hacker’s method that continues to gain finesse, and the threat to supply chain keeps modifying. Therefore, it is vital for supply chain leaders to level up the penetrative tests and conduct them thoroughly to ensure the safety of the chain’s data.

Moreover, violating the business operations and hacking data has become easier now than ever before as business organizations hire potential hackers to do so. These are generally legal hackers who are trained professionals, which is why they master at finding defects in the system. They can find these defects and alarm you previously so that you can patch them up before a true attack occurs in the system.


Limit Access to External Data

A supply chain is packed with useful data at ever link. It is the priority of the supply chain leaders as well as the global sourcing service professionals to store the data securely. The organizational members must make sure that the data is secured inside their center. This comes with hiring trustworthy workers for an organization. When a company is equipped with proper technology and have enough trustworthy workers, the organization must make proper use of these advantages and store data inside data center, rather than storing it on USB or hard drives. You should never be careless with protecting the data. It is quite remarkable how unprotected information can fall in wrong hands, which is considered as the leading cause of cyber security issues, nowadays.

An easy way of protecting the data is by installing the applications instead of downloading them. And never forget to have plan B in your hands. Always try to have a strong recovery plan to retrieve things before they become awry, especially when you have to deal with long chains of organizational data.


Stay Well-versed About Security Updates and Issues

It is vital for every employee of the organization, product sourcing professionals, and supply chain leaders to have prior knowledge of news regarding malware, security violations, and viruses worldwide that can potentially damage your system and corrupt the data. You need to have proper information and stay cautioned whenever you hear about cyber attack experienced by any of your competitor. As soon as any such news reaches your ear, take immediate notice and follow the required steps to protect your organization. Constant vigilance is required for the supply chain security against these potential threats. The best way to avoid tem is by keeping the system updated, educating the employees, and downloading beneficial patches on proper safety protocols.


Remember the Vendors

Ideally, you should think twice before running a joint security test with your vendors. Of course, you need to build a strong relationship with the suppliers and product sourcing professionals in order to have a smoothly running overall system. But that never means you can completely trust them in the first place. May be you have worked with them for years now, but trusting someone out of your organization can surely make you fall in trouble. Since these individuals are not your employees, you can hold them accountable for going through proper security guidelines. Do not feel shy when it comes to adding security clauses to your supplier agreements just because you share a good relationship with them. Just in case a security violation occurs, you should always have an incident response strategy in place to overcome any awry.


Stay Organized and United

Even though arguably, but the biggest threat to your organizational security is a lack of association within your chain. Every employee in your company must go through the safety procedures and in a proper way to prevent against any weak links. It is the responsibility of every member of an organization, including the supply chain leaders, to follow the safety measures accountably. The best way to do this to explain the security measures in a conference meeting, where you can most of the employees at a time. It becomes easier to make them understand when everyone is paying close attention to whatever you are saying. You can even make a presentation and explain the right information. Allow time for one-on-one training and follow up questions.


Remember, not guarding your supply chain can cost you huge amount of loss, both in terms of money and time. You need to educate every member of your organization, from supply chain employees to product sourcing professionals and other employees about the recent attack and the consequences of the attack. Instead of waiting until it is too late, invest in the security of your company today.

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