In the ongoing pandemic, the demand for disinfectants and sanitizers has grown manifold. To meet the increasing requirements, the WHO has recommended two formulations based on 75% Isopropyl alcohol and 80% Ethanol separately for local manufacturing. FDA has categorized disinfectants into physical/chemical disinfectant devices (medical device disinfectors, cleaning accessory for endoscope and more)  and ultraviolet disinfecting devices (Class II devices under 21 CFR 880.6600 and those that use UVA or UVC light to produce a germicidal effect). Additionally, the FDA monitors sanitizers as OTC drugs. As per EU standards, hand disinfectants like wipes, soap or gel are considered Biocides and are classified as Disinfectant and General Biocidal Products, Preservatives, Pest Control and Other Biocidal Products. ECHA authorizes a disinfectant fit only if the product is useful for its intended use, using it is safe for animals, humans and the environment, etc.

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