Dragon Sourcing is a global procurement leader that has assisted many companies in meeting their sourcing goals in both new and developed markets. This case study shows how we helped a large American manufacturer of steel rack systems for indoor plant production find new, competitive suppliers for sheet metal fabrication and machining in Southeast Asian and Indian markets. Among this project’s most important outcomes were the following: 

Find and propose new prospective supplies capable of performing sheet metal fabrication and machining from India & Southeast Asian countries. 

Dragon Sourcing began the project by identifying and evaluating the client’s needs to comprehend the product and specifications. We extensively reviewed the pre-screening eligibility criteria for several items with the customer. Following that, Dragon Sourcing did a complete supply market investigation using various sources such as our supplier database, B2B websites, networks, Fair catalogs, and periodicals. 

Following the market study, Dragon Sourcing defined the eligibility criteria for the customer via a questionnaire. We did a telephone pre-screening based on the replies, which assisted us in eliminating vendors that could not achieve the minimal critical requirements. 

The next step was to create and manage the RFI-RFQ using an aligned, balanced scorecard approach that assessed the vendors’ capabilities and competitiveness. The RFI-RFQ is distributed to the vendors who passed the pre-screening process in the previous phase. 

Following the vendors’ RFI-RFQ responses, Dragon Sourcing collaborated with the client to create another balance scorecard. The supplier replies were analyzed to create supplier profiles and recommendations. We also included an objective vendor ranking based on competencies and a suggestion that the suppliers be audited. The procedure concluded with the suggested vendors’ pre-audits to find optimal suppliers further.  

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