This case study shows how Dragon Sourcing helped a client source three different products—safety vests, cotton bags, and college bags—from vendors in China, India, Vietnam, and Turkey. To find the best vendors for each product category, Dragon Sourcing carried out in-depth market research and made use of their wide network of suppliers. They made certain that every provider could offer a reasonable price while still meeting the client’s quality expectations. Here is a short description of these 3 product sourcing steps. 

Safety Vests 

After a thorough market analysis, our team contacted 77 potential vendors in Turkey, Vietnam, and China. 17 suppliers sent us their quotes, of which we found only 9 quoted highly competitive prices. Furthermore, only 3 vendors sent their sample products.  

Cotton bags 

In the case of cotton bags, we also conducted a market survey to find suppliers of the cotton bags that our client required. In this market survey, we found 69 potential vendors. 21 of these potential vendors quoted their prices, and we found that 8 of them provided competitive prices and 8 of them also provided samples. 

College Bags 

Our team identified 61 vendors selling the type of college bags that our client required.  The number of suppliers quoted was 4, out of which 3 quoted competitive prices. 2 suppliers from China also shared their samples.  

We minutely analyzed each one of these suppliers and the price advantages they provided. Based on our analysis we provided our recommendation to the client so that they can make an informed decision about which supplier they should choose for each one of these products.  

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