Dragon Sourcing is a familiar name among the businesses that need to source steel parts from renowned supply hubs across the globe.

When it comes to considering the abilities of a potential steel parts supplier, the Dragon team analyzes and examines every offering that the partner provides.

In most cases, the company deals with souring these steel parts including Main beam, edge support, double wailing stiffener, bracing connector small, Vertika profile MF, Bracing Connector, etc.

Dragon follows a single process of selecting ideal suppliers for all their clients regardless of the industry. Their team begins the process with a demand analysis. They analyze the demand of the client, find suppliers, and shortlist them following the demand analysis. For their recent clients, they identified more than 138 steel parts suppliers and finalized 19 among them for the RFI. Among these 19 suppliers, five supplies were based out of Brazil, 13 were from Mexico, and 1 was from Peru.

Once the suppliers are identified, the team arranges a screening test to determine which suppliers can be ideal for meeting the requirements of a particular client looking for steel parts. Next, the team prepared an RFI document that contains five vital sections- business information, production, quality management, product capacities, and social responsibility (along with cooperation during the screening process).

Before finalizing a steel parts sourcing partner for their clients, Dragon Sourcing carefully checks each of the shortlisted company profiles to choose the most suitable sourcing partner. Quality plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry. Product quality depends on the raw materials to a great extent. Therefore, Dragon evaluates the quality of the raw materials offered by the suppliers to help their clients get high-quality steel parts.

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