At Dragon Sourcing, we appreciate the importance of a robust supply chain in promoting business growth. In this case study, we outline how we assisted a US client who is in the construction business in getting dependable steel shelving suppliers to enhance their operations. Once we received the project, we undertook a demand analysis in which we carefully looked at the requirements of our client. Once we understood what our client wanted, we then did a supplier market analysis by undertaking a thorough supplier search on the internet and our own business contacts to find 234 suppliers. We wanted to identify the most suitable partners to meet our client’s specific requirements. 

Once we got the initial list of suppliers, our team conducted a thorough evaluation process, covering product quality, production capacity, pricing, delivery capabilities, and so on. We interviewed all these suppliers on the phone to find 60 who met our client’s criteria. After making a shortlist of the suppliers through the telephone interview, we sent them an RFI /RFQ by mail, for which we got 20 responses. We consulted with our client to make the RFI/RFQ and the scorecard to ensure their needs were truly addressed. Our team reviewed the RFQ responses we received and scored them on our scorecard to determine the top 5 suppliers for our client. At the end of the project, we sent the client all the documents, tables, and graphs related to the project. 

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