The last few decades have witnessed India emerging as a key player in the realm of global manufacturing and sourcing. Its abundantly skilled workforce, infrastructure, and low production costs have made the country one of the most renowned destinations for businesses looking to outsource procurement. For a long time, leading worldwide brands and merchants such as Walmart, IKEA, Gap, Woolworth, etc. have sourced items in India. This has encouraged global web sellers to find unique products available in India.  

In this blog, let us explore the prominent benefits and challenges of sourcing from India.  

Benefits of sourcing from India 

  • Unique products:  

One of the primary reasons for hiring an India sourcing agency is the abundance of unique and handcrafted products that are not available in other nations. India has a vast variety of handcraft styles that are distinctive to the country, such as block-printed fabrics, wooden home décor items, etc.    

  • Eco-friendly products and sustainable production:  

According to a study, around 78% of individuals prefer buying an environmentally friendly product that is clearly labelled. It is the best time to consider switching to an environmentally friendly product and taking advantage of the booming prospects that technology has to offer. India today is witnessing an increasing number of firms focusing on offering eco-friendly items that are also sustainable in nature.  

  • Strong infrastructure:   

India has made significant investments in infrastructure, especially in the sectors of telecommunications, energy, and transportation. This has benefited the logistics and supply chain industries whilst improving their efficiency worldwide.  

  • Cost savings:   

Cost savings are one of the primary benefits of sourcing. By offering competitive labour rates and production costs, India is an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce operating costs.  

  • Innovation and technology:   

India is known for its wealth of innovation and technology. This makes the country a preferred option for businesses eyeing cutting-edge technological developments and advancements.  

Challenges of sourcing from India  

Whilst India offers several benefits as a sourcing destination, there are several challenges of which businesses must be aware.  

  • Language barrier:   

India is rich in its culture, which has given way to diverse languages. This can pose a hindrance to communication, leading to misunderstandings and delays.  

  • Quality control:   

Without clear quality standards, it can be challenging to work with suppliers in India. It is essential to conduct regular quality checks to meet the specifications of quality.  

  • Intellectual property protection:   

Intellectual property theft is an alarming concern, especially for technologies such as pharmaceuticals. The need to work with trusted partners and protect intellectual property can be challenging for businesses.  


As we move into a technologically advanced world, global borders have changed dimensions. Increased trade has given way to strategic product sourcing, which has brought multiple opportunities but considerable challenges as well. It is hence essential to connect with the right sourcing supplier to optimise the supply chain and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.  

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