In the business realm, outsourcing has become a common, almost a household name! It is basically a business practice where a company hires another to work on its behalf. The other company produces goods and performs services that traditionally used to be a part of the in-house project of the first company. Outsourcing mostly occurs between a first-world and a third-world country where the former reaches out to the latter to fulfill its purposes. Outsourcing is mainly practiced for cost-cutting and thus paves the way for better manufacturing and customer support.

Among Asian countries, Bangladesh is one of the fastest developing countries and has slowly risen as one of the most popular choices in the field of outsourcing. In fact, Bangladesh sourcing has gained so much popularity in recent times that most citizens of the country are turning towards this profession. This phenomenon, though new, is slowly giving a brand value to the country. Working in the outsourcing field will help Bangladesh find solutions to its persisting problem of unemployment and will transform it into a new nation altogether. Outsourcing also creates a significant mark in Bangladesh’s economic development.


Online Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Technology and science have made everyone’s life easier. With online outsourcing gaining popularity all over the world, Bangladesh is not far behind and has risen to this occasion. Online outsourcing has made earning money easier, and therefore, it’s becoming increasingly popular in the country day by day. Also known as freelancing, online outsourcing makes ‘service delivery business’ possible virtually literally anytime anywhere. However, being a freelancer and working online is not exactly a piece of cake; you have to know and abide by some rules. While on one hand, it reduces the headache of hiring trained staff, on the other hand, it demands good technological skills.

The best benefit of online outsourcing is that it has brought in a lot of new talents in the field. Graphics Design, Data Entry, Software Design and Development, Multimedia, Affiliate Marketing, Web Designing and Search Engine Optimization are some of the most highly popular outsourcing jobs in Bangladesh. As online outsourcing does not require much capital, people from meager backgrounds are finding a way into it without facing any hassle. Since the country is seeing a growth spurt in this field, many training centers are rising here and there for support. There are several reputed outsourcing training centers in Chittagong and Dhaka and provide excellent knowledge and skills to the eager learners. The institutes teach how to easily earn money while sitting at home and effectively communicate with the buyers.


Present Condition in Bangladesh for Outsourcing

For many years, Bangladesh had been perceived as a backward country. With online outsourcing in vogue currently, many individuals are becoming a part of it and contributing to the country’s economic growth. It can be safely said that Bangladesh no longer takes a back seat and is becoming a developing country, one baby step after another. The scope of online Bangladesh sourcing has given the birth of many entrepreneurs who make the country’s condition better with their hard work and talent. As per the reports of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services), over one lakh Bangladeshi freelancers are presently working across the globe. In fact, to encourage more people to come in the field and make a profit, BASIS had been arranging for an award function for the past few years to honor the ones doing a good job.


Enhancing Women’s Career with Online Outsourcing

Female unemployment in Bangladesh has been prominent for many years. With a hostile working environment and various social issues looming overhead, they did not easily get the chance to go out of the house and work. However, online outsourcing has changed this scenario considerably. Gender discrimination is quite prevalent in Bangladesh, and thus many women are afraid to go outside and work. This problem has been solved by online outsourcing, and they also have become a significant contributor to the country’s economic growth.

Many NGOs and training centers are wanting to enhance freelancing for women to eradicate the burning issue of inequality. This opportunity gives them the chance to manage their family, as well as, continue their career at the same time. Since freelancing requires them to work from home, they have the freedom of choosing the working hours according to their convenience. With no workplace politics and gender discrimination, women show better performance and learn new things equally well. Apart from building their skills, they earn a huge sum of money and thus get confidence for facing any hardship on their way.

The government has currently taken many steps to enhance freelancing for women. The officials have started working at the root level and have given proper IT training to over 20000 women in one year. Among others, Bangladesh Open Source Network has shaken hands with several freelancers and has vowed to bring more women in the industry. BASIS has also introduced a separate category for female freelancers in order to motivate them more. They have been presenting awards to worthy female freelancers since 2014. In fact, there are a few training centers in Dhaka that have been training women for free.


Possibilities of Success in Outsourcing from Bangladesh

Bangladesh has become one of the best choices for IT outsourcing. With cheap and straightforward requirements, Bangladesh is slowly climbing over one country after another and securing a good rank. The educated and young workforce are willing to learn and hone their skills and are determined to deliver the best. If the income gained from Bangladesh sourcing is compared to that of other average jobs, the former will set a higher bar. More and more countries are turning to Bangladesh for outsourcing because even in terms of other third-world countries, Bangladesh offers a cheaper rate. The government has taken various steps to enhance freelancing in the country and introduced several training programs. As a matter of fact, the Bangladesh government plans to give birth to successful entrepreneurs from the freelancers for the country’s benefit!

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