Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already started using the functions of the Supply Chain industry. It has been proven that 31% of the market leaders are utilizing the solutions of AI for automating decisions. AI has the capability of changing the revolution, especially in your Supply Chain. Now, if you are planning to explore what the possibilities would look like, a sourcing agency can help you create new, strong strategies. AI mainly serves the purpose of driving efficiency and scale through new, unique distribution models including subscription, click and collect, and direct-to-consumer. It harnesses the automation in the supply chain ecosystem by enhancing interconnectivity across partners, customers, and suppliers. 

How Can You Combine Supply Chain with Artificial Intelligence? 

Read below to know in detail about the major tips for combining the supply chain with artificial intelligence. 

Automated Decision Making 

If you are willing to reinvent your business models, take help from AI. It can do this effectively by revamping how you look at the trends of the future. AI can easily analyze the patterns of the operations happening today in different organizations only for predicting the possible outcomes of tomorrow’s scenarios. This can ideally be used for balancing the supply with the forecasted demand and automating lower-level decisions. Any strategic sourcing company can help you get through this aspect by making you understand things properly. 

AI in Procurement 

AI is today’s most desired functional area with which many organizations are willing to work. AI is ideally implemented today in procurement. It was initially meant to automate the process of collecting, classifying, and analyzing the expenses of an organization. But nowadays, things have become enhanced. Today. AI is finding extensive usage as organizations are leveraging virtual personal assistants (VPA) and cognitive procurement advisors (CPA). Both VPA and CPA are engaged in deploying AI functions such as Natural Language Generation and Natural Language Processing. 

Supplier Relationship Management 

Having the right supplier on board is simply a plus point for any organization. Then, if sourcing is done from them, your supply chain is meant to be sustained ideally. AI can greatly help you find the best supplier reducing the associated risks while communicating with every supplier respectively. Machine Learning can simply be the key to turning your current passive data gathering activities into active ones. This may lead to providing you with multiple scenarios of the best suppliers. That too is dependent on the parameters you choose or go for. Sourcing agencies are well-versed with the functions of AI and will help you get on with them. 


Chatbots launched and powered by AI are also gaining immense popularity from people around the world. Many tasks can be performed with the help of such chatbots – automatically placing purchase requests, effective handling of procurement emergencies, interacting with suppliers during trivial conversations, researching and answering queries about suppliers or the procurement process, etc. AI is made in a way that organizations are meant to find every single task easier to go through or perform without having any problems. 

Most strategic sourcing companies in the world are well-versed with how AI performs, especially in the Supply Chain industry. Accordingly, you and your entire team can make a move for the betterment of your business. AI always helps businesses to grow as more as possible. 

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