Dragon Sourcing aims towards sourcing tubular components from emerging global markets. But before doing so, this reputed procurement sourcing firm goes through a rigorous screening process of different suppliers available from different parts of India.

A leading importer and retailer of spare parts for commercial vehicles, mainly the tubular components, have assigned the responsibility to Dragon Sourcing to identify suppliers of tubular components with higher potentiality.

To identify the best potentials, Dragon Sourcing strongly emphasizes the DEMAND ANALYSIS stage. Discussing with the client regarding the requirements and gaining a clear perspective of the product type is what this stage is all about. The procurement firm also asks for samples to have a sound idea of the deliverables.

Once the Demand Analysis was met, Dragon Sourcing aimed towards analyzing the supplier market from different parts of India. Dragon Sourcing identified nearly 55 suppliers from mostly Bhilai, Pune, and Hyderabad. All the recommended suppliers are certified with ISO 9001 certification with key production processes in-house. Based on the samples collected from each of these suppliers, they chalked a program to audit them out. This entire approach helped the client compare the pricing and identify the options that seem perfectly appropriate for the purpose.



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