The word sustainability is used for any kind of practice or practices that in no way harm the resources of the globe. The sustainability practices of Turkey sourcing companies aim at having negative impacts on the available resources of the planet. Since sustainability measures allow resources to go unaffected, it makes sure the resources are able to sustain for a longer period than calculated. In the fashion industry, sustainability concerns a broad range of factors ranging from the use of naturally occurring substances initiating with the very natural resources used as raw material to produce materials to maintaining sustainability of resources used by human beings through complying with a decent lifestyle for the garment workers across the globe.

As put forth in the studies conducted by the Istanbul Apparel Exporter’s Association, Turkey produces more than seventeen billion dollar garments worth of exports, which typically ranks Turkey as the sixth largest producer of apparel across the globe. But the association merely believes that the impending industrial success of the country is not going to reduce to sheer volume as long as the country is not stepping forward to a more sustainable apparel production procedure. In fact, with the increased production of apparels by the Turkey sourcing companies, the Turkish manufacturers must also try and keep adapting their production infrastructure and technological tools in a more sustainable way, provided they truly want to flourish as the best apparel exporting nation among other countries worldwide.

There are more than seventeen thousand members from the apparel industry across the globe being put under the shed of the IHKIB association. With such a significant number already being associated with the organization, the organizational head feels the apparel industry of Turkey is in the superior position to comparatively come forward and evolve based on its sustainability-driven mentality. It was not until the entire planet became extremely conscious towards saving the planet from the grasps of global warming that sustainability hit the minds of the general. Although sustainability has recently emerged as a concerning buzzword among the industrial leaders, especially among the apparel and the transport industry, the agenda of Turkey sourcingapparel sector have been investing in sustainability measures for more than twenty years now.

Turkey is the third leading country that exports apparel to European countries, which counts to eleven percent of the apparel industry’s market share distributed across the twenty seven countries of the European Union. With such huge demand from the country itself, Turkey continues to serve the European’s interest of buying high-quality apparel. But in the recent years, the two most significant factors that have become paramount for the leading apparel exporter is climate issues and social rights. The awareness of the European nations towards building a greener and cleaner environment has led to the formation of The European Green Deal- a set of initiatives taken to make Europe free from climatic issues by 2050.

The apparel exporters of Turkey procurement agencies is also becoming excessively aware of the evolving global agenda and trying to keep a close eye on the growing consciousness towards preparing plans according to the occurring changes. Turkey, particularly, is evolving accordingly, setting its present and future action plans that are meeting completely and further orienting with the sustainability concerns of the global textile value network.


Current Scenario of the Textile and Apparel Sourcing Industry in Turkey

The apparel and textile sourcing industry of Turkey has been the backbone of the country. The industry has made incredible contributions towards the Turkish economy since its emergence. It has also played a vital part in driving the economical market orientations and the industrial revolution for the past two decades now. The apparel and textile industry of Turkey procurement has evolved as a leading apparel exporting sector in comparison to the International economy. In order to comply with the global requirements that aim at protecting the natural resources creating a greener environment, the Turkish fashion industry is also taking necessary sustainability steps. It is making notable investments in purchasing sustainability driven tools. This was made possible by the hard earned money by exporting substantial quantity of clothes across the globe contributing considerably to the overall economy of the globe.

All these steps taken together allowed the country to evolve a leading supporter of sustainability-driven textile industry and third-leading exporter of clothes worldwide. This has eventually led to the growth in the country’s economic status. There are a number of other factors that contributed to such growth in Turkish economy. The nation had qualified and experienced workforce, effectively working in the nation, labor cost was considerably low, raw materials were cheap as well as the liberalized environment led to export policies in the last two decades. Almost sixty percent of the production was exported by the Turkish industries. Among the Turkey procurementmanufacturers who exported apparels, the capacity utilization rates were approximately seventy five percent.

While the fashion retailers based in European Unions like Zara and H&M were primarily focused on two significant factors—the speed at which textile was manufactured and the price of the clothes manufactured—the sustainability, durability, and clarity issues that have recently entered the worldwide textile agenda have forced the Turkey procurementtextile organizations to understand the value of adding to a more sustainable and resilient textile manufacturing process. Also, the Turkish manufacturers exercise clothes confirmation techniques efficiently. They check the raw materials thoroughly before putting them to use.

All these factors makes the Turkish apparel industry well aware of the international market requirements and growing inclination of the globe towards a sustainability-driven mindset. Now the Turkish apparel industry owners know about the healthier and necessary demands of the world and are focused on producing more environment-friendly products for its exporters. It has well adapted to the European standards in relation to the safety of products, health, and quality. The turkey sourcing companies are aiming at improving their production numbers, quality, and value added products in to an era where the world will know Turkish industry for its quality, pricing, and trademarks.

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