Bangladesh has numerous world-class apparel factories under its name. This is the reason why marketers are choosing Bangladesh as an apparel sourcing destination. People from around the world receive garments with “Made in Bangladesh” tag. This Asian country exports its apparel products in around 160 countries. The garments made in Bangladesh are of fine quality and keep people warm during winter and comfortable in summer. Bangladesh has secured its place as the second-largest ready-made apparel exporting country in the world. World-class safety, social compliance, labor laws, the hub of green factories, diligent workforce, and resilient entrepreneurs are some of the factors that cater to Bangladesh’s sourcing activities of organizations.


Factors that Make Bangladesh an Apparel Sourcing Hub

When it comes to apparel sourcing, marketers prefer Bangladesh. The reasons for this are discussed below:


World-Class Safety:

Many countries in the world are trying to imitate the workplace safety model of Bangladesh. In the garment industry, there are enhanced safety standards for workers. Many global brands have initiated three safety platforms, namely, Accord, Alliance, and National Initiative. More than 4000 garment factories have been scrutinized for building and the fire and electrical safety standards.

The inspection reports are posted on public websites so that the common mass can view them. This creates a sense of authenticity and transparency in absolute terms. There is hardly any other place in the world with such levels of transparency. The Government of Bangladesh formed Remediation Coordination Cell (RCC) that operates as an autonomous authority to monitor and maintain precautionary measures in the garment industry.


Social Compliance And Workers’ Welfare:

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in protecting the rights of workers. According to a study, the minimum wages for garment workers in Bangladesh have been raised by 392.63% since 2010. It is to be remembered that the Labor Law of Bangladesh has been amended twice since 2010. This law gave full freedom to the workers. Under this law, the workers in the garment factories have the right to form trade unions without making the management aware of it. Added to this, 5% minimum annual wage increment and two festival bonuses are offered to garment industry workers.


Hub Of Green Factories:

This is another factor that is intriguing for marketers to opt for Bangladesh sourcing activities. Bangladesh is the hub of green factories. Research studies highlight the fact that this Asian nation has the highest number of certified Green apparel factories in the world. The United States Green Building Council has certified these factories. Bangladesh has a total of 73 green factories certified by this regulatory body. Among them, 20 are platinum rated. Apart from these, seven of the top 10-LEED certified factories are located in Bangladesh. More than 300 factories are very likely to get USGBC certification shortly. This is a promising scenario in every aspect.


Diligent Workforce:

Bangladesh has a diligent workforce than most other Asian countries. The apparel industry in Bangladesh has a diligent workforce that caters to the needs of organizations at large. A significant portion of the Bangladeshi workforce is aware of the latest garment production techniques. The workers know how to implement these technologies in their production operations. Organizations that have decided to procure garment items from Bangladesh can be hugely benefited in this regard. Bangladesh has a vibrant young population. This is proving a boon for marketers to conduct their sourcing activities in Bangladesh. The garment industry in Bangladesh is highly dependent on human resources. The huge population of Bangladesh is a blessing in this sense.


Resilient Entrepreneurs:

Though surprising it may seem, Bangladesh has a large number of talented entrepreneurs. They are resilient and forward-looking in their approach. They can cope up with every market situation very easily. Their adaptability is giving an added dimension to the Bangladesh garment industry. The apparel industry in Bangladesh is successful because of its approach. The entrepreneurs are very well aware of the fluctuating consumer preferences and market demands. They are taking the initiative to build modern green garment factories in Bangladesh.


Quality And Commitment:

This is another reason why global marketers go with Bangladesh procurement when it comes to the sourcing of apparel products. Bangladesh has a global reputation for keeping the commitment of timely delivery. Marketers can also be ensured about the quality of garment products. Bangladesh has gained the trust of global market players.


Skills Development:

The reason why Bangladesh is moving towards high-end apparel items is because of the skilled workforce. Bangladeshi workers are skilled in producing expensive garment products. The Government of Bangladesh has initiated various skill development programs, namely, Skills and Training Enhancement Project (STEP) and Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP). These programs focus to enhance the skills of workers. Apart from these, the Textile Industrial Skills Council and the Center of Excellence for the Bangladesh Apparel Industries (CEBAI) is promoting the skills of workers employed in garment factories.


Numerous Factories:

Bangladesh has numerous garment factories under its name. This is reducing the workload of every single factory. There is no doubt about this fact. According to research, Bangladesh has more than 3500 garment factories. These factories take orders from cross-border marketers in huge quantities. The apparel factories are scattered all over this small Asian nation. This enables the quick transportation of goods. The finished products reach the marketers within a short period.


The Assistance Of The Backward Linkage Industry:

The backward linkage industry is giving support to the garment industry of Bangladesh. Bangladesh produces more than 90% of knitwear fabric in its local markets.


The Amalgamation Of Research And Development:

This Asian country is adopting innovative ways to penetrate higher market segments. The Bangladeshi manufacturers are well aware of the branded fashion segments and how the common mass is getting influenced. Apart from garments, Bangladesh has entered the branded fashion segments, namely, suits, active-wear, non-cotton items, etc.


All the above-mentioned factors contribute to Bangladesh’s sourcing activities of organizations. Marketers need to tap the sourcing potential of this Asian country by formulating effective strategies. If you are a garment marketer and looking to raise the productivity levels for your organization, resort to Bangladesh procurement without any doubt.

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