A leading US retailer of cookware and kitchenware items is looking for competitive suppliers from the Asia-Pacific zone. To identify and recommend the best potential prospects, it has approached Dragon Sourcing for the best results.

Dragon Sourcing focused on-demand analysis of the client that primarily revolved around wok cookware suppliers’ availability in the Asia-Pacific region. Only thin cast iron or stainless steel-based products are the need of the hour. It is an extensive project with an estimated annual volume of around 5000 units. With years of experience in the sourcing industry, Dragon Sourcing started researching the best-emerging suppliers by focusing on DS database, references, B2B portals, Chamber of Commerce, magazines, fair catalogs, and solid networking.

The major countries targeted were Vietnam, India, and Thailand. From these three countries, Dragon Sourcing identified 51 prospective suppliers. Of these 51 suppliers, only 10 responded to the RFI/RFQ. Dragon Sourcing identified 7 suppliers from Indian, 1 from Thailand, and 2 from Vietnam with positive RFI/RFQ response. Each of these suppliers is ISO 9001 certified and comes with an in-house key production process. With sheer market experience, Dragon Sourcing compared the pricing and audit the suppliers’ post sampling to help the client identify the best prospects and potential options.

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