Polymere für Einzelhandel


A large European Retailer was subscribing to multiple market databases to monitor the prices of the different polymers to be able to make informed purchase decisions. The Retailer found the multiple subscriptions to be expensive, inefficient to access due to the different databases, and only useful in tracking historical pricing. Dragon Sourcing was commission to prepare tailored category dashboards including price forecasting that would support informed purchase decisions.


Analysed the data

Analysed the data requirements that would support procurement decision making.

Designed and researched

Designed and researched the tailored category dashboards to include: Price indices and forecast of the polymers on a regional level Supply-Demand Dynamics of the polymers, updated to the current period Supply chain Monitoring including colour coded alerts on potential disruptions Recent news in the markets

Refreshed and published

Refreshed and published the dashboards on a periodic basis


With the periodic category dashboards the Retailer was able to:

1. Make informed purchase decisions based on a current view of their polymer market and forecast pricing.
2. Increase productivity through a reduction in the time required to collecting and analyse data.
3. Reduce the costs in acquiring the market data
4. Gain timely awareness about potential risks to their polymer supply chain

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