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Kesslers International is Europe’s leading specialist designer & manufacturer of Point of Purchase displays and merchandising. To be able to competitively respond to major tenders in the future, Kesslers decideds to contract Dragon Sourcing to qualify suppliers with metal working, wood working & plastic extrusion/moulding capabilities as well as complete display suppliers in selected regions of China and Vietnam.


  • Dragon Sourcing initiated the project by collecting the capabilities required by the suppliers together with the technical requirements for sample projects requiring the different process capabilities.
  • Through an extensive supply market analysis over 600 potential suppliers were identified in China & Vietnam.
  • A rigorous RFI/RFQ process was administered to understand the supplier’s capabilities and competitiveness, resulting in 45 full responses.
  • The responses to the RFI/RFQ were analysed using a balanced score card to rank suppliers and recommend those for audit visits
  • Dragon Sourcing organised and accompanied Kesslers in the auditing of over 14 suppliers in China & Vietnam.


Dragon Sourcing successfully qualified Chinese and Vietnamese suppliers with the capability to support Kesslers in the future.

Kesslers ability to successfully respond to future tenders is now increased through access to quotes from a wider supply base.

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Posted on

April 3, 2018