How to Procure Commodities from India for Amazon?

Amazon sellers are well aware of the merits and demerits of obtaining products from China. Additionally, they face extreme competition, which is why they are looking for another option: India. India sourcing may not be right for every business, but getting products...

Why is Supply Chain Management in India So Important?

These are a few reasons why Indian firms should embrace supply chain management. First, they must contact a prominent procurement firm for the best India sourcing and then use the supply chain management system to fulfill their business goals.

Benefits of Procurement in India

They have in-depth product expertise, excellent quality standards, and a large network of top suppliers who believe in ethical business practices and conformity with social and legal norms, among other attributes.

Sourcing Handmade Products from India

Follow these India sourcing tips. These are the four main steps involved in sourcing handmade products from India. This way you can contribute to a sustainable supply chain and also swear to maintain a pollution-free planet.

The Future of Information Technology in India

These are the four main trends that will affect and positively impact the Information technology in India. Not only in India, but throughout the world will these trends have an ever-lasting impact.